Its like buying a new notebook, getting a blog page…

I’ve stared at the blank title ‘About’ off and on for weeks… what is it ‘about’?

I’m Alison, mum of two, wife of one.. master of none. After many years jumping red tape within public sector management, I’ve started my own business where I hope to be able to help others navigate round the tape, and grow. I’m not precious about who my clients are and this is both empowering and daunting. Over the last few weeks I have added to my range of clients on an almost daily rate at one point, which is lovely. The purpose of this blog is to chart my personal growth as my business grows. I’m hoping that writing about the range of projects will help me to hone my areas of interest into a workable range! I’m famous for biting off more than a normal person could chew, but I like to think that I thrive on pressure!

I’m loving my owl logo btw! When I was starting my business I spent a disproportionate amount of time concerning myself about the name.. (almost as much time as I have spent wondering what to write here..).. A good friend told me that the word and the logo do not need to mean anything to anyone else, other than me.. (what does TESCO mean? and does it matter – we know what it does)..

I know that owls are everywhere these days, but I can categorically say that thanks to my granny’s obsession with owls, they have been in my life for longer than they have been cute. And so, here we are.. I need to get past my fear of writing. I write for a living. I love words. But my creative instincts are nervous when it comes to personal words. I can do scrapbooking. Photos are precious to me, but I am always hesitant in case I do not do them justice with my words.



or add another page.


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